Gender Queer
Hixtory Project

History, herstory, hixtory...these words all denote stories about the past that have been told from different perspectives. In 2022, we received funding to expand our project to record gender queer "hixtory" in the making. Stay tuned for opportunities to share your perspective.

On February 14, 2021, we began tracking federal and state bills proposed in the United States. We aim to observe trends in legislation affecting transgender and gender nonbinary citizens because laws are one good measure of how citizens are treated. Using word cloud technology we found a disturbing trend. Many States are proposing banning transgender girls and women from playing sports in schools and universities. Some proposed bills go as far a making it illegal for doctors to perform gender confirmation procedures. Learn more at:

In January 2022, we published version 1.0 of the Gender Queer Hixtory API

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